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For decades the SWISSCANONICA group has been active in managing restaurants and hotels in Switzerland and Europe. Today, our local Dubai company Canonica Restaurant & Catering offers the best catering in Dubai and UAE – from canapés and private party catering to entire meal plans, delicious sandwiches and salads. Our chefs craft all SWISSCANONICA food from the highest quality ingredients, bringing their years of expertise straight into the success of special events, meetings, weddings, as well as school lunches or office lunches for employees.

Since its beginning in 1948, The SWISSCANONICA Group has developed a high-quality product range for its customers, providing customized and thoughtful services in the food and beverage industry. All projects are developed around modern and innovative concepts that meet changing customer needs. SWISSCANONICA’s strength come from its long experience in the hospitality industry, which have resulted in our deep knowledge of customer needs. Thus, consulting services in the pre- and post-opening stages can be provided, making sure that clients are prepared for success.

In 1968, as the group launched its own premium chocolate brand and in 2011 opened its own chocolate laboratory in which all Canonica chocolates are crafted by the award-wining Chocolate Master, Samuel ROMAGNE. Nowadays, the range of chocolates is distributed to business clients around the world according to their special needs and expectations with the guarantee of high quality and handmade expertise.

SWISSCANONICA policy is led by one common vision: becoming a leader in the hospitality industry and providing efficient and innovative concepts around the world.

Our Commitments

Quality Management

As a priority, SWISSCANONICA meets customer needs with high-end quality products. Our success and sustainability are due to our capability to work with the one and only objective – providing the best quality. Through our products and services, the Group seeks to reflect the world-renowned Swiss quality. As a result, the group follows accurate guidelines and standards and performs internal audit on a regular basis to continuously improve the quality of its products and services.

In 2013, Bureau VERITAS certified Canonica Management SA (the management support company for all companies of the SWISSCANONICA Group) for its quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.  In 2018 the Group moved to the next level through the latest version of this certification, ISO 9001:2015.

This certification is implemented on a daily basis and highlights the professional and committed approach of SWISSCANONICA group. Today, our priority is to meet the highest standards in order to move forward in a positive and efficient way in the daily operations and management.

SWISSCANONICA performs successfully thanks to these values which it has referred to consistently since 1948.


Sustainable development is an obvious concern for a family company. Social, environmental and economic concerns are part of the company culture within the Group. SWISSCANONICA integrates development innovations that are environmentally friendly, that respect social equity and economic efficiency. Our main initiatives are on the waste management, products and suppliers, design and operations, and staff awareness and training.
Thus, all processes and projects of the group are developed and implemented in a sustainable way.


Applied to many fields, ethics are a permanent concern in our activities. In the field of Human Resources, as a family business, SWISSCANONICA is close to its staff and pays attention to the respect of each other and to the fulfilment of our employees. The group is working hard to optimize the integration and motivation of its staff, which is a core value of the Group. As a result, it favors skill development and learning. In the field of Procurement, we assure the provenance of the items we buy, with a preference on organic materials for packaging. We check the fair conditions and working culture of suppliers of alimentary goods. These are daily examples that are important for the company.

Solidarity Action

SWISSCANONICA, with its different companies, is committed in solidarity actions. To support social actions and real engagement, we have a close relation with the Swiss association Hôpiclowns for children in hospitals. 3 Swiss francs are donated to the association for each specific Hôpiclowns item sold. Other actions can be timely settled according to the submitted projects.

Client’s Satisfaction

The SWISSCANONICA group is committed to providing high quality services to clients. The main objective is to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible. To ensure compliance, customer satisfaction is measured thanks to means such as: Smiley boxes to collect customer feedback on the spots; Suggestions, complaints and satisfaction surveys; we also conduct regular checks internally and by external “mystery shoppers”. Based on our findings, action plans are developed, and the corresponding corrections are immediately implemented in order to improve customer satisfaction levels and to gain customers trust by continuously meeting their expectations.

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3 restaurants in Dubai Airport: Since 2016, SWISSCANONICA has managed several POS in Dubai Airport and other projects in the region.

300+ employees around the world: SWISSCANONICA employs over 300 people on different sites through the world.

70 years of experience: A family business with expertise in the airport sector and beyond, we excel in the fields of catering, F&B operations, retail, food and chocolate manufacturing, hotels and laundry.

ISO certified company ISO 9001:2015: The ISO certification of SWISSCANONICA is a sign of confidence and commitment to continuous improvement, made to our customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers and partners.

Ethical commitments: Social, environmental and economic concerns are permanent within the group and are managed according to a responsible general policy and through daily actions.

Management Team

Lamine Ounnas
General Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the development, consultancy, and management side of the Food and Beverage industry, and having worked in the UK, France, USA, and UAE, Lamine brings a wealth of experience to the Canonica brand as its general manager. Prior to SWISSCANONICA, Lamine had experience in the high-end food and beverage industry, setting up and working in Michelin Star restaurants and a multitude of upper-end, casual dining concepts. His responsibilities extended from concept development and project management to operational management.

Roberto Ripa
Assistant General Manager

Roberto has over 20 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry. Started in his family business, he developed his management knowledge working in some of the most prestigious restaurant’s and Hotel’s chains in Italy and Spain. In 2015 he moved to the UAE and was involved in opening multiple concepts all over the region (Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait).
Roberto joined SWISSCANONICA in December 2018 to assist with the Operations and help grow the company within UAE.